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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Commercial Drive citizens party in the streets

Bekka RoseDozens of Super Citizens gathered in the street today at the Commercial Drive Car-free Days celebration.

Juggler Bekka Rose practiced her art at First and Commercial, with the Royal Bank in the background. She coaches aspiring youngsters at CirKids School of Circus Arts New jugglers usually use balls - not pins.

Mary Daws (photo below, by Toby) is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki master and teacher, and a registered clinical hypnotherapist - and she gave me the best massage of my life at the festival. Lime and eucalyptus oil helped to ease my minor complaint of upper back muscle tension from long hours at the computer. Mary has a special massage offer available til the end of July ($30 off a 60 or 90 minute Deep Flow massage)- more info at:

Mary Daws, licenced massage therapistMary's strong, even touch was the perfect strength - not too gentle, nor too rough. She dissolved the knots from my shoulders, neck, and upper back muscles. I felt them crack and disintegrate. Outside the tent, on the other side of the purple cloth that shielded my modesty, drums were beating in the street. People were talking and laughing and the smell of incense mixed with Italian sausages and onions on a nearby barbecue. A powerful warmth radiated into my body. The juxtapostion of urban sounds with deep relaxation is what makes on-the-street massage a favorite for so many at the festival. The array of mysterious healing tents was enticing and the allure of pleasure was hard to pass up.

Toby and I were intrigued with the selection of tuning forks at the table of sound therapist Drea Drury. She uses the forks' vibrations to realign the vibrations within people's bodies. This can be used as a method of healing if it is directed at specific body parts. Drea Drury sound therapist

She worked on Toby's lower back, which was hurting after an intense wrestling session with his friend Max the day before. "Every little boy should get a massage the day after wrestling!" I said, as I watched him enjoying the bodywork. The high energy guy laying totally still with a smile on his face as he relaxed.

Drea's pamphlet made me wonder if the process would help with my sinus troubles - inflamed sinuses causes by an intense pollen allergy season. A doctor has prescribed me with Nasocort, which is a steroid that reduces nasal swelling with only one puff per day! I asked Drea if she could do anything for my sinuses and she said yes.

She hit the fork against her leg and placed it on my cheekbone, my chin, my forehead. (Warning: please skip ahead if you are upset by sinus problem details.) My entire skull vibrated in a unified pitch that has a massage-like effect. I felt my sinus drain and open. She said it would continue to clear and indeed, now 12 hours later, it is still very clear and I have not used the prescribed medication. I am an open-minded skeptic and find this interesting, acknowledging that my improvement may also result from the medication. But I think it was the treatment...

Imagine, for a moment, each person as a mass of vibrating atoms. "Everything in the known universe is composed of vibration," reads Drea's website at: "If we take into consideration that our own bodies, physical and otherwise, are also vibration, we will understand the realities at play when we experience sound."

Lady RaAt the Streets are For Dancing booth at Graveley and Commercial, DJ Lady Ra pumped out sounds for the shy Canadians who stood around watching one guy dance. Later, little girls with large hula hoops joined a dancing crowd.

Drea Drury sound therapist

Russell Shumsky led a group of drummers playing djembe and dunun drums. His card says: "He travels to West Africa to study with two of the world's most respected djembe masters, Mamady Keita and Famoudou Konate. He teaches their tradition." His website is at:

Ida the rescue dogIda the rescue dog is originally from Whistler. She is a Golden Collie and her webbed feet make her an excellent swimmer. Ida, who was not officially working during the Commercial Drive fest, has a winning blend of traits from her parents - a golden retriever and a border collie. Lots to sniff for a dog at such an exciting event!

Mike the hat sellerMike sells hats and if you would like to buy one, his contact info is: And please note that not all hats in this picture are $5 each. Mike was busy with hat-selling and politely apologized for not having much time to talk about selling hats. He sold one of the $5 hats to Toby, who is out wearing it right now.

Tanya Meyer

Tanya Meyer sold a poi set to Toby. She imports these sets from street vendors who run family businesses in Thailand. Tanya's colorful shirts and fabrics and other interesting items can be found at Kali at 1000 Commercial Drive.

Tanya said poi are used by Maori warriors preparing for battle.

donation fairy Patrick KearnsDonation ferry Patrick Kearns is one of the many volunteers who made the Commercial Drive festival happen. Thanks to all!


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