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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

80 percent first-timers at Vancouver Net Tuesday

Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega was one of six presenters who shared their ideas on technology and social change at Vancouver Net Tuesdays tonight at WorkSpace in Gastown.

Raul, who has a PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies, is the organizer of the Vancouver Bloggers Meetup. Tonight's Event - Net Tuesday - is organized by social media consultant Joe Solomon announced on Meetup as: "Social Media and Web Innovators come together with Social Change Makers and Nonprofits to mix, swap stories and ideas, and build new relationships."

Famous Vancouver blogger Darren Barefoot MC-ed the event and he asked for a show of hands: "Who is here for the first time?" About 80 percent of us in the crowded room put up our hands.

Doug van Spronsen told us about Info from their website: "MakeGood helps your company communicate the good things you do through an interactive badge that you place on your website. Customers and employees can click on the badge and see photos, stories and testimonials from the people you helped - without ever leaving your website."

The badge isn't just a chance for the company to brag; it also links people to opportunities for participating in the company's charities or actions for change.

Grace Carter shared the story of - a BC Children's Hospital Social Media Case Study. Participants dress up in costumes, run around, have fun. and raise money. Last year 2,500 people participated and raised over $100,000 for Children’s Hospital.

During the presentation, a man ran into the room wearing only underpants! He is a popular race contestant with many fans on the ChipsNotDeadYet Facebook Page.

Shawn Smith spoke about Global Agents for Change - a group of under-30 folks from around the world. This year they are organizing two youth-led cycling journeys raising funds and awareness to fight global poverty. One ride is from Vancouver to Tijuana and the other from Amsterdam to Istanbul.

Steve Williams of SAP Business Objects told us about his work with non-profit organizations - helping them to see how they can use their data and information. This data, if well-managed and mined, can be used for communicating, demonstrating the impact of donations, and engaging stakeholders.

"It's not just about communicating on an issue. It's about "How do you encourage people to take action?"

Joe Solomon mentioned one way of encouraging people to take action during his talk on what's next trend-wise in the world of "social change meets tech." It's the “Related Ways to Take Action” WordPress Plugin that allows your blog readers to take action based on the content in your post.


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