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Monday, January 26, 2009

Man, 87, feeds ducks at Fraser River Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Today I meet Jim on a boardwalk at Fraser River Park. He and his 14-year-old black lab stand on the edge of a walkway built over a revitalized riverfront area. Along this riverside greenway, people walk their dogs, coworkers enjoy a lunch time stroll, and in the distance a lone adolescent boy in a ski jacket flings sticks onto an icy, partially frozen, marshy inland section of the riverfront. Some sticks pierce the ice; others skid off.

Jim says he feeds the ducks every day - whistling to welcome them. Big, healthy-looking mallards and drakes swim to the bridge and gobble down Jim's offering of cheerios that bob in the water. The dog seems impatient as he nose nudges his ball up against Jim's foot, wanting to play. Some people pass and say "Hi Jim!" - and that's how I learn his name. Jim, who uses a ski pole as a walking stick, tells us he is 87. My son kicks the ball for the dog, who bats it back to him, back and forth. At least everyone isn't preoccupied with the ducks!

The City of Vancouver website offers this info on the Fraser River Greenway: "It follows as close to the north shore of the North Arm of the Fraser River as possible and when completed, it will connect Pacific Spirit Regional Park to the City of Burnaby's trail system. Several sections of the Fraser River Trail are in place, including trails through Riverfront Park, Gladstone-Riverside Park, Fraser River Park, McCleery Golf Course and Deering Island Park. Industrial roads parallel to the river connect the completed sections of the trail. The remaining sections of the trail will be completed as riverfront opportunities arise."

More info on Fraser River trail. How exciting! My son and I will ride our bikes on this trail when it is done.

Here is a video of the ducks and their friend - a cheerful moment amidst the sadness and tragedy of other stories in the news.


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In fact, moments such as these are what IT is all about ;)


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