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Monday, August 31, 2009

Merchant makes time for curious kid

Edward Gutierrez answered a slew of questions from my son today when we visited his store in Chinatown. He showed us healing stones and described their attributes - obsidian, coral, jet, jade, a type of meteorite found in China, and more.

I felt so happy and grateful that Edward took the time to answer so many questions from a curious little boy. This type of spontaneous education is exactly what I love.

We will go back to Edward's shop - Artistic Arts and Craft Ltd. at 107 East Pender St. Vancouver B.C. Canada. They sell fine gem stones and jewelry at affordable prices, like pendants starting around $12.

As I glanced at Chinese horoscope necklaces, charms, bracelets, rings, and collectables I made a mental note: "Remember this place next time I want to buy a gift."

My son is saving $49 for an obsidian wand. Son said he felt a cool wind come from the wand when Edward pointed it above the palm of his hand. He told Nana about it on the phone tonight and she was skeptical. My mom describes herself as "down to earth" and she only believes in things commonly believed by Western science and medicine. She is a smart, skeptical Nana who asked my son a few times: "Are you sure you felt something when the stone pointed at you?"

He said to me later: "Hmph! So much for supporting my new interest. She should be more open-minded."


At Wed Nov 11, 03:53:00 PM PST , Blogger miss sara said...

yeah---she should be more open minded...that is hilarious...well. he should follow is heart and get the wand no matter what anyone says...


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