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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Blue Man Group Megastar World Tour hits Vancouver

"Scream if you're paying attention."

That message was broadcast in LED lights to the audience at the Blue Man concert last night at UBC's Thunderbird Arena. I took their photo, above, using my iPhone.

The three blue dudes shared the stage with four drummers, three electric guitarists, a keyboarding man singer, a powerful trip-hoppy woman singer, and others. It was as much theatre as it was music - and my 9-year-old son joined in with the rest of the audience who participated on queue. I thought he was going to lose his voice!

The storyline of the show explores what happens when the Blue Man orders a guidebook on how to become rock megastars. As the Blue Man's expressions shifted from confused to curious to nervous to mischievous, the audience was wild with laughter - screaming, stomping, jumping, and practising rock moves together. The guitarists hammed it up in full, rock guitar solo style. It's so amazing to watch how the Blue Man trio creates music - actual melodies - with their big, plastic pipes.

Here's what Blue Man member Wes Day told Canwest writer Graeme McRanor: "The best part of touring the world is getting to see it all and getting to meet amazing people and audiences," he said. "It's incredible to see how different we are, yet how universal our reactions can be to non-verbal humour." (Read full article.)


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