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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A visit from the mystical Thunderbird?

By Earl Maquinna Sutherland guest blogger, Vancouver, BC

About a week ago, I saw a huge bird flying way high over Vancouver. It was black, but it didn't look like an eagle or heron or any other bird I've ever seen before. It was hard to gauge how big it actually was, but I'd say quite a bit larger than a bald eagle, but smaller than a beaver aircraft. It never once flapped its wings, and I must have observed it for nearly two minutes. There was another witness, a Filipino woman. I pointed it out to her, and she commented it was the biggest eagle she had ever seen. It went into some clouds and we both lost sight of it and I haven't seen it since.

I thought it was spectacular, and am still convinced it wasn't a huge eagle. I would like to believe that I saw the mythical Thunderbird. I've googled unknown birds and the closest thing I came was these sightings of huge unknown birds in the Philippines. And, yes, the other witness was Filipino. Weird! (but true).

Some peeps around the world fear the Thunderbird, but we First Nations revere it. To witness it is supposed to be almost a spiritual experience.

p.s. I have a ghost story too. but later ;)


At Wed Dec 02, 03:27:00 PM PST , Blogger Barbara Doduk said...

I like ghost stories. I grew up in a haunted house with spirits.

Thanks for visiting The Love Blog and leaving me a comment regarding the cat sanctuary. I left this info on my blog in response, but in case you missed it...

If you would like to visit the cat sanctuary, EVERY SUNDAY - RAPS allow visitors between 1 - 4 PM. Just call (604) 275-2036 to get info and directions.

At Tue Jan 05, 12:53:00 PM PST , Anonymous Marielle (Mo) Smith said...

I believe I saw the same bird soaring over Vancouver...I deeply honour and respect the First Nations traditions and culture. I have an affinity to the Eagle, so when I saw the large dark bird, I assumed it was an eagle. But as I watched longer, it was clear that it was not. And I felt a deep sense of spirit while I took in the beauty. Thank you for sharing your experience as it gives me affirmation of my own.


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