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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Vancouver says bye to Paul McKenzie at Enigmas reunion

Back for one show and one show only after 20+ years are seminal Vancouver punk/new wave heros The Enigmas.

So says the Facebook Page for the Enigmas Reunion - a long-awaited event on January 8 for those of us who loved their shows back in the 1980s. At Vancouver's 50 Bourbon Street, the crowd danced like mad to some of my faves from "back in the day" - Windshield Wiper, Out of the Question, Teenage Barnacle (see YouTube video, below), and Psychotic Reaction.

A sample of comments from Facebook:

"The Enigmas blew the roof off the joint last night! Goddamn..."

"Could I have had a better time at The Enigmas last night? Absolutely not..."

"...last night's show ranks in the top 5. Vancouver is amazing!"

"The Enigmas rocked the house last night and I was so amazed to see all those familiar faces under one roof sharing the moment...xo to Paul, he will be missed."

Indeed, it is sad but true: Paul McKenzie is leaving Vancouver for Austria - and departing today on tour with the band he's played in since 1992: The Real McKenzies. Paul - always the joker - told us why he is leaving us for Austria.

"If you people hadn't voted for Gordon Campbell twice in a row, this wouldn't be happening - so you can blame yourselves!"

The show was held in celebration of Vancouver cinematographer Danny Nowak's 50th birthday. The Manglers - "Canada's only Stranglers tribute band - also treated us some fine musical entertainment, as always.


At Sun Jan 10, 08:53:00 PM PST , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow... I was a HUGE Real Mackenzies fan back in the day ;)


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