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Monday, February 08, 2010

C R Avery sings a naughty song at CBC radio concert

CR Avery's lyrics caused me to laugh and laugh aloud with shock during his CBC Radio 3 recording in Vancouver on Saturday, Feb. 6. He teamed up with the Legal Tender String Quartet, who offered some wicked violin solos and general intensity. CR and the quartet were a combo that combined in such a cool way - such rich strings with CR's music and concepts and showmanship.

Regarding the most risque song, CR said if more men followed in his footsteps there would be less war. I'm too polite to quote him here, and I'll be curious to see if it gets on the air. I hope it does! I'm even more of a fan now, along with many other ladies I'm sure. LOL

This concert was the first of CBC Radio's Toque Sessions Concert Series - and we all got really cool toques.


At Wed Mar 03, 09:24:00 AM PST , Blogger Jeffish said...

Hello Susan and readers,

Thanks for sharing this. The concert audio is now available to stream here:

Did you get a toque?

At Wed Mar 03, 09:27:00 AM PST , Blogger Jeffish said...

Thanks for posting this Susan. Audio for this concert can be streamed here:


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