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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Driving False Creek ferry looks like the ultimate job

Tristan the False Creek ferrymanTristan the ferry driver was a good sport when I asked if I could take his picture and post it on my blog along with a story about my day. He ferried Toby and I from Granville Island to the Aquatic Centre, where we transferred to the third ferry of our journey from Science World to Vanier Park.

Tristan and his colleagues pilot the water taxis through False Creek. Since 1982, drivers like Tristan have ferried tourists and commuters to locations along the north and south shores of False Creek.

"Come for a ride and enjoy the unique perspective, beautiful scenery, and no-hassle access to the most vibrant areas of the city," reads the invitation posted on the ferry's website at:

"What's at Science World, dude?" asked a young tourist guy with his two pals.

"Uhhh... science!" replied one of our ferry drivers with a laugh and a gentle, friendly touch of sarcasm. Then he elaborated and explained that it gave kids a chance to learn about science and do experiments and learn about different special topics such as chocolate and how chocolate is made and what chocolate does to us.

When asked (by me) if driving the ferry was a good job, one driver chuckled and said: "I've had harder jobs."
Tristan the False Creek ferryman
This second photo was shot by Toby, who insisted on having a turn with the camera, which delayed everyone from disembarking for almost an entire minute. I like the arch of the Burrard Street Bridge behind his head. Incidentally, the driver in this picture is not the driver quoted in this blog.

The ferry driver slows down the engine when we get close to the dock and then he edges up alongside it. He jumps out and pulls the ferry close to the dock so the passengers can get on and off safely. He pushes the boat away from the dock and then jumps on when it's time to go.

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